How Accessible is Our World?

The world’s information technology is easily accessible to those of us without disabilities. Many people in our world are blind, paralyzed, or handicap. This prevents them from accessing information technologies, which means they cannot participate in our world like the rest of us. The internet and other technologies need to be accessible to people who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hearing impaired, who have mobility impairments and cognitive or learning disabilities. Surveys within the U.S. reported that people with disabilities have only half the rate of internet access of people without disabilities. The face a significant digital divide simply in terms of having the tools to make use of the incredible resources of the internet, according to Simpson (2009). We need create a barrier-free world of information technology so that, people with disabilities can fully participate in the business, educational, and cultural marketplace.


Simpson (2009). Disability Studies Quarterly. Retrieved from


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