STOP Boring Teens with Your Fancy Websites

I read through the article, “Teenage Usability: Designing Teen-Targeted Websites, by Hoa Loranger and Jakob Nielsen. I enjoyed the article for the most part. It was very insightful and tapped into the teenage thought process and attention span very well. Teens complained about sites they found boring and this article explains how to do just the opposite.

“Whatever you do, make sure your site loads quickly. Slow, sluggish sites are frustrating to anybody, but they’re especially offensive to young audiences who expect instant gratification.”

The writers suggest great tips on how to keep the attention of a teenager who visits your site:

  • Online quizzes
  • Forms for providing feedback or asking questions
  • Online voting
  • Games
  • Features for sharing pictures or stories
  • Message boards
  • Forums for offering and receiving advice
  • Features for creating a website or otherwise adding content

These interactive features let teenagers make their mark on the Internet and express themselves in various ways — some small, some big.


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